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Laptop to TV Hookup:

How you hookup a laptop to a TV depends on which types of cable connections exist on both the TV and the laptop. Some laptops have a VGA connector and if your TV also has a VGA input, then you can use a VGA cable to connect. If your TV does not have a VGA input connector, then you can use a converter which has standard yellow video and white audio RCA cable connections. Some laptops have HDMI and if your TV has HDMI inputs then use HDMI cable hookup.
  Laptop to TV Hookup

Wireless Laptop to TV Hookup is also available

You must configure your laptop to use the big screen display. This is usually a simple procedure and varies with different laptop types.

Question: My TV does not have a VGA input but does have a HDMI input. My old laptop only has VGA output. How do I hookup to TV?
Answer: You can use a converter box with a VGA in and a HDMI out. Cost should be around $30. Look at and search for VGA to HDMI. You should see several choices for a box to convert VGA to HDMI.